Traditions & Celebrations

Reopening of the HORA Romanian American Cultural Center and Celebration of the Day of the Romanian Blouse (Ziua lei)

Beautiful display of Romanian tradition and craft! Thank you to all who participated in this special event to celebrate the Day of the Romanian Blouse and reopening of HORA Romanian American Cultural Center in Minnesota.

If you missed it but want to learn more about the Romanian culture, please contact us at or visit our center every Thursday from 1-3pm and Sunday, from 12-2pm.

Va asteptam!

The Great Union Celebration (“Marea Unire”)

The great unification of Dec 1st, 1918, brought together all Romanian territories under one state. We were proud to celebrate together the Romania’s Centennial in Minnesota. It was a truly once in a lifetime community celebration. Full program details including a list of the performers can be found here.

The event took place at St. Katherine Ukrainian Church Hall. It was organized in collaboration with: St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church, St. Stefan’s Romanian Orthodox Church, Romanian Genealogy Society (RGS).

HORA’s Annual Children Picnic

HORA celebrated the beginning of summer and the International Children’s Day by hosting the annual children’s picnic. It was a pleasure to invite the children to participate in a new painting workshop mentored by our talented Romanian artist, Cora Parvu.

This year, the challenge for the little artists was to paint on glass! Cora taught the children the unique technique used in beloved traditional paintings and icons. Children created unbelievable pieces of art.

Fest! Merry Mansion

HORA participated as a guest nation in an extraordinary exhibit of Christmas traditions organised by the American Swedish Institute in Minnesota. The Romanian exhibit displayed beautiful, authentic costumes and artifacts related to winter traditions around Christmas.

This was an amazing event with over 30.000 visitors.

Annual HORA Christmas Party

This year Lucas Meachem, operatic baritone of Metropolitan fame and pianist Irina Meachem delighted us with American Christmas Songs …and other musical treats.

Also, at our Christmas Party we launched an amazing CD called “Colinde”, performed by the Ciprian Porumbescu Choir of Minnesota and Orkestar Bez Ime, arranged and conducted by Colleen Bertsch.

Christmas Party

The Romanian American community gathered together at Christmas time, following the HORA tradition. This past year, we had an exceptional attendance (over 160 attendees!), to celebrate our traditions, try some delicious traditional food, enjoy outstanding entertainment, listen to stories and get the children excited around nice presents. We were thrilled to have Costel Busuioc, the Romanian tenor winner of a Talent Competition, giving a great performance at our gathering, with Christmas Carols as well as beloved arias from well known Operas. Descendants of first generations of Romanian immigrants have shared their family recipes. The ensemble Plugusorul surprised and delighted us this year again with a lively performance of Christmas and New Year traditions from Northern Romania and Moldova, such as the Goat (Capra) and Bear (Ursul) dances. The evening ended with dance and singing along.