2012 Gala

The ROMANIAN AMERICAN DREAM AWARD GALA has been our most important and successful event to date. This has been our first attempt to gather the community and present some of its most important achievements. We have recognized and awarded those who served it best. HORA’s hope is to repeat this event every other year .

Award Winners

HORA Grand Prize for Romanian Traditions Promotion Excellence
Mr. John Omorean, for his artistry, preservation and promotion of the Romanian heritage across the United States and Romania.

Ilie Motu Community Service Award
Mrs. Ann Bongard, for lifelong service to the Romanian community in the Twin Cities. This award is named in honor of Fr. Ilie Motu, in recognition of the 50+ years of love and service to Romanians in Minnesota.

Monica O’Kane Community Service Award
Mr. Don Shelby, for the love and dedication shown to the orphaned children of Romania. This award is named in honor of Mrs. Monica O’Kane, in recognition of the love shown toward the orphaned children of Romania.

Gala Photographs

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