We are a non-profit organization with a passion to enrich Minnesota’s diverse cultural landscape by preserving and sharing the valuable heritage of the Romanian American community.



Home of the Romanian-American community in Minnesota
Landmark Center #319, St Paul, Minnesota
Hours: Thursdays, from 1:00-7:00 p.m.
Please contact director Raluca Octav at ralucaoctav@hotmail.com or tel. 651-600-8771 to schedule a private tour by appointment.

Past events

Do you want to learn more about us? A picture is worth a thousands words! Check out our Photo and Video Gallery from our Past Events.
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Documenting Immigration – Oral History Project

Through the Iron Curtain – From Romania documentary was born from fifteen oral history recordings completed by HORA in working with Town Square Television.

Language classes

HORA offers Romanian Language Classes for adults and children in the Twin Cities. Our curriculum offers students the ability to learn the language and connect with the Romanian culture, traditions or travel plans.

Youth internships

HORA has established an Internship Program, where we will offer Grants to two motivated youth every year, for supporting the activities of our organization in the area of media (video recording, photography), web content, Newsletter editing, Event Organization.

Our goals

  • Informational Resource of Romanian heritage, culture, history, values, current events, and community involvement.
  • Host quarterly events to promote and present various aspects of the Romanian cultural heritage. HORA will explore the interests of the public and develop future events accordingly.
  • Raise funds and awareness for publications and activities that add to the promotion and preservation of Romanian American cultural heritage.
  • Showcase Romanian Americans who have achieved important standings in their Minnesota community or in the United States at large.
  • To develop an archive of the historic and cultural heritage of Romanian Americans in Minnesota. This will include taped interviews of several generations of immigrants, showcasing their different experiences and expectations.
  • To collaborate with other like-minded organizations in Minnesota and abroad.

A brief history of Romanian immigration to Minnesota

The Romanian community in Minnesota was established around the early 1900s. Driven by poverty and the hope for a better life, Romanians began arriving as part of a larger Eastern European wave of immigrants, settling mainly in St. Paul and South St. Paul. While Romanian immigration decreased significantly after WWII and the spread of Russian Communism, it picked back up after the fall of European communism at the end of the 1980s.

Motivations for immigration, as well as cultural and social backgrounds, are highly diverse. A great effort is underway to document the incredible stories of Romanians immigrating to Minnesota over the last century. Please make sure to visit the “Documenting Romanian Immigration program” page under the “Programs” tab above for more information.

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