HORA Romanian American Cultural Center library

We created a comprehensive library of over 700 titles by Romanian and foreign authors, including literature, children’s education, philosophy, art, history, architecture, religion, as well as manuals for teaching Romanian Language. This achievement has been possible thanks to various donors from the Romanian community in the Twin Cities and to a grant of around $5000 from the Romanian Government (Ministry of Romanians from Everywhere).

ACASA, Welcome Home!

An Emotional Evening of Discovery and Connection with Romanian Roots

Between 1990 and 2004, Americans adopted more than 8,000 children from Romania. Terrifying images of communist institutions filled with abandoned orphans opened the hearts of many Minnesotan families who fled to save these children. Minnesota became home- ACASA for these children, now young adults, starting their own families.

HORA is proud to welcome Izidor Ruckel to Minnesota. Once a child lost in the Romanian communist institutions, Izidor is today a nationally recognized orphan advocate who speaks on behalf of orphans lingering in institutions around the world. See for more information.