Stories from the time of Corona

Stories from the time of Corona

Testimonies of Romanian American community in MN during the pandemic of 2020

Little do we think how much our own lives are part of history. We go about our business, make plans, dream and hope, have successes and failures, live through good and bad days, get ahead or stay behind, and honor life by living it as fully as we can. In the meantime, HISTORY happens. Only later, some of the experiences that we have lived through become historic events, and then we are called upon to bear witness.

Some of these events are readily recognizable as “historic” at the time they are happening. Such an event is the pandemic of 2020 triggered by the Corona19 virus. To say the least, the world community found itself unprepared for this totally novel virus for which we have not built immunity yet and the key factor in preventing this virus from spreading has proven to be isolation.

Isolation from one another became “social distancing”. Suddenly, it felt like a stand still before a storm or a flood. Because of politics, people have been taking the threat of infection and grave illness more or less seriously; Minnesotans, like the rest of the country, turned for months into ‘sheltered in place’ citizens; Romanian American Minnesotans among them.

When a vaccine or treatment will free us of fears and life will return to “normal”, it will be life “after” Corona, it will be a new reality with new norms and considerations. We will then be called upon to retell our stories and accept our new role as “witnesses to a pandemic”. Thus, it is important to have those memories saved and stored now, not just in our memory but written down, and documented for those who will come after us.

HORA invites the Romanian American Community in Minnesota to share how we experienced these events through personal stories, significant moments and feelings, times spent with or away from our loved ones, and how we kept in touch and communicated with each other; what we learned, what touched and changed us. Historical societies, museums, archives, and other institutions need our help to preserve the stories and artifacts of this time period.

Please send us your hopeful, helpful, sincere, sad, tragic stories as they are all part of our history. Consider some of the following topics impacting your life: family, education, home life, politics, family history, religion, education, important events, neighborhood, pets, entertainment, physical exercise, shopping, home projects, technology, food (cooking and growing), sports, etc.

We wish you happy writing!
HORA Board