Oral History Project 4 Underway

“We are super excited and working very hard with our partners to bring to light our second Romanian immigration documentary, to launch Fall 2017. Last year, HORA was awarded $52,000 for the production of a documentary based on the video recordings of 12 Romanians who left Communist Romania and settled to Minnesota. After a number of discussions that initiated last Fall, creative and productive idea exchanges that continued well into this year and following an exhaustive selection process, HORA selected Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) as the documentary producer. Also known as Twin Cities PBS, TPT brings to HORA not just world-class creative and technical expertise but also strong support for the distribution and promotion of our documentary.”


Third Oral History Project


Between 1945 and 1989, behind a massive Communist propaganda, Romanians suffered greatly under a totalitarian regime that stripped its citizens of the most basic human rights. Intellectuals, clerics, teachers and anyone who questioned the Communist Party’s dogma, were sent to forced labor camps or imprisoned, were many perished.


In hope of freedom, many risked their lives attempting to leave by crossing the Romanian borders, an act deemed illegal by the Communist regime. Some were shot by the Romanian border guards. Some did not last the swim across Danube River. Few survived. Others, strong enough to accept a life of prosecution and humiliation applied for the Romanian departure visa. While in this process, they got fired from their jobs, demoted, stripped of their properties, accomplishments, followed and intimidated by the secret police, Securitate.

With a grant from the Minnesota Legacy Fund, HORA is leading a project to document the immigration stories of 12 Romanians who escaped the communist regime and settled in Minnesota during 1945 to 1989. The project encompasses video recording, transcript generation, file storage at the Dakota County Historical Archives along with two training community events.


More than Cold War immigration stories, the interviews will bring to light the integration into the American life and the preservation of the Romanian culture in Minnesota.

Special Thank YOU! to all the interviewees who gracefully accepted to come on camera and share their personal stories and relive the emotions of a daring period in their lives! Their contributions will help fill in the gaps of Romanian immigration stories during the Cold War.

Very warm thanks to all the volunteers for their immense passion and hours donated to this project and partners- Town Square TV, Dakota Historical Society and Immigration Research Center at the University of Minnesota.

The interviews will be conducted during February and March and the projected will be completed by April 2015.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more or get involved with the project.


Second Oral History Project

A documentary based on the interviews filmed in 2013 was released in September, before an audience of more than 200 people. Don Shelby, media personality and former news anchor provided the narration. It was a great success. For more information about obtaining a copy, please click here.

Here is the trailer:


First Oral History Project

During the spring, eleven interviews were filmed, transcribed and archived for public availability to historians, researchers and other interested parties.

In September, HORA was awarded its second “Legacy Grant”, worth $10,000, from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society. This grant will fund the creation of a documentary film based on the interviews conducted in early 2013 of Romanians immigrating to the Twin Cities during 1900-1940. The project will begin in November, to be completed by no later than September 1, 2014. HORA will once again partner with RGS, TST, and the Dakota County Historical Society. The project team is again lead by Vicki Albu, joined by Monica Nedelcu-Erickson, Arria Giulan, Dorrene Hern, Raluca Octav, Jodie Miller, and Mark DeJoy.

At this time, HORA members are passionately working on submitting an application for a third “Legacy Grant”. The aim of this project is to record oral histories from Romanians who arrived to the Twin Cities after WWII, covering the communist and post-communist eras. Wish us luck!


HORA was awarded a Legacy Grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund to conduct an oral history project. The purpose of the project is to record and preserve the ways in which Romanian immigrants came to Minnesota and how their cultural heritage has been preserved here. The goal is to record ten oral histories to provide an archive of unique Romanian-American immigration-to-Minnesota stories. Interviews will be conducted between December 2012 and May 2013, and archived for public availability by historians, researchers and other interested parties.

Partners in this project are the grant applicant, the Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota (“HORA”), HORA’s sister organization, the Romanian Genealogy Society (“RGS”), and Town Square Television (“TST”). After a brief training, interviews will be planned and conducted by members of HORA and RGS. High-definition audio-video recordings will be professionally transcribed by a certified transcription service. The audio-video recordings and typewritten transcripts will be stored and made available at the Dakota County Historical Society in South St. Paul, MN, and offered to the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota’s Immigration History Research Center.

The project team was led by Vicki Albu (HORA Board member and President of RGS), with support from Raluca Octav (HORA Board member and Previous HORA president), Monica Nedelcu Erickson (HORA Board member and President), Jodie Miller (TST) and Dorrene Dragos Hern (RGS Treasurer). The team will undergo training in January and will select interviewees based on their level of first-hand knowledge of Romanian immigration to Minnesota and their direct experiences with preservation of Romanian cultural heritage.

HORA board members are considering future grant applications, with a potential long-term goal of creating a documentary film. This project has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. “Legacy Grants” are administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.